My 1985 Kramer Ripley Guitar UPDATED video


2 Responses to “My 1985 Kramer Ripley Guitar UPDATED video”

  1. Hey Johnny,
    When I was 19 I purchased a white Kramer Focus, I forget the details but, I played it through a Peavy amp using a Reverb panel. It was amazing! The sounds I could manufacture were beautiful. I love Kramer guitars, I too am a EVH fan which is why I went for this one. I was clubbing regularly in those days and needed something to give me an extra grrr; this one did. I no longer have it and I miss it everyday; sounds stupid but I can still remember the smell of it. Anyways, nice guitar!

    • Cool man.
      My 2nd guitar was a red kramer focus 1000.
      Got it in 1989 and still have it.
      The floyd rose is on my ernie ball music man now so i haven’t played the kramer in years.

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