How to play the intro to the Van Halen song “Tora Tora” on guitar.

When i was a teenager i used to use a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder.
Was always messing around with tapes and figured out how EVH did this on the VH song “Tora Tora” off The Women and children first ” album.

Also someone asked me to post a video of Eddie’s “Horse” sound so here it is!

How i do the Eddie Van Halen “Horse” harmonic sound on guitar.

How i do the Eddie Van Halen “Elephant” sound on guitar.

How to stick picks to your guitar.

Here i show you how to play my favorite Eddie Van Halen guitar lick.
Also keep watching & you can see my video chat with Michael Anthony from the band Chickenfoot.

Classic very easy Eddie Van Halen lick – As heard on the new VH song “Tattoo”
+ Michael Anthony & Satch chat.

EVH “Mice” trick from 1984.

“Somebody get me a doctor” harmonics lesson.

How to play “Intruder” by Van Halen.

VH “Romeo Delight” tap harmonic lesson.


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