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Wanna sing or play a guitar solo on this track?

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It’s an original i call “Heavymellow”.

Feel free to sing on it or solo over it then make a youtube video and post a video response.

Audio download link is

I recorded the tune in Drop-D & it’s very close to “concert pitch” but not totally so u may have to tune to it.

This isn’t a contest and there’s no deadline.

Like to see what you guys come up with!



At NAMM 1/25 1/26 1/27 In Anaheim, CA.

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With Eddie’s personal Wolfgang LT RELIC Guitar.



With Hartley Peavey.



Catching up with old friend Alex Skolnick.



With Eddie Trunk.



Holding an EVH guitar!





With Seymour Duncan – a very sweet man.



With an EVH Wolfgang.



With Michael Anthony.



Chris Broderick from Megadeth.

Chris Broderick from Megadeth.

With Chip Ellis

With Chip Ellis

Van Halen San Jose,CA 6/5/12

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Van Halen Oakland, CA 6/3/12

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Chillin with Jason Becker last night in Oakland.

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Guitar legend Jason Becker came down and hung out with us last night in Oakland.
Was great to talk to him, last time i saw him was last March at the “Not dead yet” show in SF.

With Jason Becker at his "Not dead yet" show in SF. March 2011 Photo by Ross Pelton.

Free Downloads! “echo” & “Fabulous Girl”.

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johnny beane live in SF 2010

This is a song i wrote in 1997 & here’s a 2010 recording with Dave on bass & drums.
released 22 March 2010
Johnny Beane – guitar, Dave L – bass/drums/production

“Kn2” is available on bandcamp and Itunes.

Also “Fabulous Girl” is a free download!

Just click the link above for more MP3 downloads.

Download “Heavy Mellow” & the REMIX on iTunes & bandcamp.

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Worldwide download @

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