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Anti-Shred guitar solo competition.

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Submit a video of your own “Anti-Shred” solo over a backing track – download below – and you could win a MXR Micro Flanger effect Pedal!

Here’s the scoop.

Click “watch on youtube” to go to the video’s page and listen to what others have done already.

Download the backing track here – and submit a video of your original “Anti-Shred” solo.

The chords you play over are –

Em | C | Am | B
Then later in the song it goes to…
G | D | Bm | C

Here’s the video i did playing over the backing track.

I used a Fender Telecaster on a slightly dirty setting through a POD X3.

Just play what you think sounds good over the music but remember!

If your fingers start smoking take your foot off the gas!

Have fun and rock on!

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