About Guitarist Johnny Beane.

Guitar Lessons available in the Santa Cruz area and the SF east bay area or worldwide by Skype or Google hangout – call or text (415)952-3263 for info.

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/guitaristjohnnybeane

YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/user/johnnybeane

TWITTER https://twitter.com/johnnybeane

INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/johnnybeane

TUMBLR http://johnnybeane.tumblr.com/

SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/johnnybeane

REVERBNATION http://www.reverbnation.com/johnnybeane

Did an interview with The Guitar Channel while at NAMM 2016.


Guitar Player Magazine online featured one of my ‪Eddie Van Halen‬ guitar lessons! Thank you Christopher Scapelliti & Guitar Player Magazine!!!

Was featured on Guitar Player Magazine online on Edward Van Halen’s birthday!
January 26th 2016
Thanks again Christopher Scapelliti & Guitar Player Magazine!!!

On March 18, 2015 i was featured on The Huffington Post with Guitarist Andy Summers on The Police.

Was also featured in a promo for the interview – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/03/19/andy-summers-police-best-show_n_6901956.html

Scroll down for Bio.

You can also listen to my music on Spotify & download it on iTunes & bandcamp.


2010 – 2018 Writing, recording, and producing for film and music projects. Playing out with various artists.

2009 – Wrote some music & worked with composer Brent Michael Davids on a still unreleased  documentary called “Ohiyesa” that features my sister and some of my family.

Here’s one song – the rest is in the trailer.

2008 – 2009 Playing guitar & touring with THE MAY FIRE.
Tour highlights include a 30 city cross country tour with LA bands Monte Negro and Astra Heights sponsored by MTV Tr3s in 2008 & 2 shows @ SXSW 2009 in Austin Texas.

The May Fire bio.

The May Fire “Alright”.

Promo for the MTV Tr3 “Circo Rocktastico 2008 Tour”

Some footage from a show in Mexico while on that tour.

The May Fire @ Luxury Wafers Studios 2008.

The May Fire live at Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, CA 10-30-08

Here’s a little footage of The May Fire from SXSW 2009
Watch the first 40 seconds.


The May Fire “Featured Artist” on Myspace music splash page for “The List” EP – August 2008

2008 – Wrote music for the one-hour documentary “Native Nations: Standing Together for Civil Rights” hosted by actor Peter Coyote – “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial”,”Erin Brockovich”.

The  documentary aired on ABC,NBC & Hallmark Channel.

Here’s a preview.

The song i did is on the DVD and can be ordered here.

2005 – 2007 – Writing, recording, and producing for film and music projects. Playing out with various artists.

2004 – 2005 Rocking with friend Therese Brewitz and Implied five.

2002 – 2004 – Writing, recording, and gigging with Co-Co and the rock band Sea Of Sorrow.

2001 – 2004 Wrote and recorded original music for the song “Joy” for Rob Poswall’s indie feature “Friends Call Me Mandy”. Played weekly sing-along gig at Tom’s Trivia @ the bitter end pub, SF, CA (3 yrs).

1999 – 2001 – Writing, recording, playing out with various artists including Flux 22.

1998*- Signed to Deston Ent./Universal, showcased for Bill Aucoin while working with eve to adam, songwriter Eric Bazilian – “What if god was one of us?” and hit songwriter Desmond Child – Aerosmith, Bon Jovi.

1993 -Took a music class and performed with Bill “Sputnik” Spooner from The Tubes @ the Blue Bear school of music .

Some of my influences –
The May Fire, The Police, The Cure, Foo Fighters, Audioslave, RATM, Radiohead, Duran Duran, Veruca Salt, Steve Lukather, Melanie C, The Strokes, Christopher Cross, Van Halen, Garbage, The Killers, Sea of Sorrow, Stone Temple Pilots, blur, Johnny Cash, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, NIN, Judith Owen, Pixies, Muse, Klark Kent, TC, Hank Williams, U2, Weezer, The White Stripes, The Who.

JB uses D’addario guitar strings & Planet Waves guitar straps & In Tune guitar picks.


8 Responses to “About Guitarist Johnny Beane.”

  1. Hi Johnny, I just subscribed to your YouTube channel & I can’t seem to figure out how to send you a message, can you please send me an emailso i can contact you?


  2. mpup@hotmail.com Says:

    Been looking for the movie The Seduction Of Gina forever! Can you burn me a copy of this? The story is very similar to my own. Contact me by email. Thanks!

  3. COOL first time here………JB

  4. I’d love one of your guitar picks. Love the lessons

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